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St George’s Hospital is a big part of our wonderful and diverse community here in South West London. Our teams serve a huge population of around 3.5 million across South London, Surrey and beyond, aiming to provide outstanding care for all of us from birth, and throughout our lives. Every year, over 5,000 babies are born at St George’s, the A&E team sees over 150,000 people, and we treat 4,000 new cancer patients.

We are grateful for the outpouring of love and donations from our community which enabled us to raise over £1million for our Coronavirus Appeal. Those funds allowed us to respond to the urgent needs of the hospital including setting up five dedicated Staff Wellbeing Hubs, providing iPads for patients to connect with their loved ones, funding comfort kits for those going through cancer treatment and so much more. Now that the worst is behind us, St George's Hospital Charity is committed to continue supporting  staff, the patients they care for and the facilities and programmes that improve that experience.

Whether you want to say thank you for the incredible efforts of the NHS throughout the pandemic or if you just want to thank your local hospital for being there for you, then we encourage you to donate to our Thank You Appeal. 

HOW YOUR SUPPORT WILL Make a difference

Supporting our Thank You Appeal means we can continue to ensure the most urgent needs of the hospitals are addressed quickly as well as helping any area to secure items that are ‘over and above’ what is normally provided. Your donation could contribute to a range of projects including:

  • Our gardening team, lead by Head Gardener John Greco, do an incredible job at keeping our flowerbeds, gardens and courtyards blooming and with your support they will be able to continue to plant bulbs and new plants in the areas surrounding our hospitals.
  • Being in hospital can be a distressing time for both patients and their loved ones. Resources such as pencils, paper and craft kits can enable welcome creative distraction from the stresses of treatment and provide activities to bring patients, staff and visitors together through shared enjoyment.
  • Long stay Paediatric patients enjoy time with our Play Team who create lots of smile and giggles, help with distraction when patients are having painful procedures or explaining about what will be happening to them. With your help we can purchase play materials needed to ensure  activities such as crafting, knitting, sand art, wooden art, painting and drawing can all continue to go ahead.
  • Bespoke workshops with professional artists offered for staff, can enhance wellbeing through learning something new and engaging the creative side of our brain. Whether this be singing for wellbeing, illustration workshops or poetry writing, we hope to provide creative nourishment and time out from the pressures of healthcare.
  • The Young Onset Dementia Support Group offers a safe and welcoming environment for people in similar situations to meet each other, receive much needed advice and feel supported. The group offers a range of beneficial services including counselling. With your support we can continue to support their members and their vital work. 

Donate Now

The Thank You Appeal aims to raise funds for the equipment, programme and activity needs identified by the Trust as their urgent needs. For any piece of equipment, activity or research project we are supporting, there is a small chance that we will raise more money than we need. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed as originally intended, gifts will be used to purchase equipment, support a range of projects, for staff development and training or to fund research, all of which will benefit the patients treated in our hospitals.

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