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With your help, we can realise our most ambitious appeal to date - to raise £5m by 2024 to help transform children's services at one of the busiest hospitals in the country.

Your support will help us to contribute towards the cost of:

  • Expanding our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, adding four more beds and space for families
  • Transforming our tired children’s wards
  • Providing better facilities for our staff, so they have somewhere to rest and can feel proud of where they work

Our patients, our families and our staff deserve so much better.

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We have already raised £700,000. With your support, we can meet our ambitious target and help to deliver world-class facilities to match our world-class care.

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Lacking space, our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is unable to treat the number of children who need its world-class care.

With your help, we want to increase our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit by a third to allow patients to access lifesaving care quicker. This will keep families together, closer to home and ensure every child is in our expert hands without delay.

Alongside this, we plan to create space and privacy for the families and carers of our children on PICU.

Our hope is that the St George’s £5m Children’s Appeal could help fund an additional four to six intensive care beds, increasing our capacity to 16


This Appeal could also help to fund a dedicated ventilation facility away from PICU.

On any given day, between three and five of our 12 PICU beds are being used by children requiring long-term ventilation, patients who don’t otherwise need to be in intensive care.

No child should have to spend time in PICU if they don’t need to be there.

Donate today and help us to create a better space for these children who require long-term ventilation.  


“A better environment would allow you to be the best possible parent for your child. That’s the priority. They need you at your best.”
Strahan Wilson, father to Izzy who spent nine weeks on one of our children’s wards

Our three children’s wards feel stuck in another era. Teenagers share wards with toddlers, decor is tired and space for patients and families is severely limited.

This appeal could renovate all three of our children’s wards, creating the space needed for our patients to heal, our families to cope and rest and allow our staff to concentrate fully on the treatment and recovery of our patients.


Our staff are our heroes, their outstanding care is world-class. But over the years they have given up their staff areas to create more space for patients.

We want to provide them with better facilities so they can feel proud of where they work. Not only that, our staff need and deserve areas where they can relax and recharge so they can provide the best possible care for our patients. 

“Nursing is an intense job. It takes an emotional toll and we need space to take time out.” 
Tania Haughton, Matron

Support us today and help us create better facilites for our staff.


Contact our Director of Fundraising and Communications, Sarah McCullough at Sarah.McCullough@stgeorges.nhs.uk.


The Charity aims to raise £5m in support of transforming children’s services at St George’s Hospital. The joint intention of the Trust and the Charity is that funds generated by the Charity will contribute to the expansion of PICU and its associated family spaces, along with the refurbishment of Nicholls, Pinckney and Frederick Hewitt wards. Through this Appeal, there is a small chance that we will raise more money than we need. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed as originally intended with the projects outlined, gifts will be used to support other projects that benefit children’s services.