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What we do

What we do

The work of St George’s Hospital Charity enhances the physical environment of the hospitals for patients, staff and visitors. We fund research and state-of-the-art equipment. Through fundraising the Charity is able to fund projects which touch the lives of the thousands of people cared for by the hospitals and local community services each year.

Funding Support

Main Entrance

One of the most striking aspects of St George’s Hospital is its Main Entrance which was remodelled in 2009 with the assistance of a grant of £2.5 million from St George’s Hospital Charity.

Accident & Emergency Dept

Featured in the recent TV series of 24 hours in A&E, the department benefitted tremendously from a grant by the Charity of nearly £1.5 million which enhanced the new development with the addition of a Paediatric Assessment Unit and a Clinical Decision Unit.

Training & Education

Co-existing with St George’s University London it is not surprising that Training and Education play a major part in the support that the Charity provides. A good example of this is the £500k that was provided to fund a state of the art Simulation Centre complete with speaking, breathing, heart-beating mannequins that provide the most realistic experience for clinical staff in a training environment.

Special Purpose Funds

Apart from supporting major projects, St George’s Hospital Charity provides administrative support and governance to some 250 individual Special Purpose Funds. Each fund has one or two Fund Advisers, usually hospital staff, who advise the Trustees of the Charity on what to spend the funds on, within their area of responsibility.

For example there are approximately 74 research funds expending some £470,000 covering subjects such as Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Sickle Cell, Liver Disease, Clinical Genetics, GI Nutrition and many more.

There is a charitable fund for every ward in the hospital providing a facility for patients and their relatives and friends to make a contribution towards improving the ward environment for both patients and staff.

There are Special Purpose Funds that are specifically for the purchase of additional and/or specialist equipment that otherwise may not be purchased, such as the plethysmograph to help measure the lung capacity of patients with lung disease which was purchased recently for the Paediatric Outpatient dept. Previously young patients would have had to use an adult version in an adult ward.

Helping with further training and education is also important to the Charity and we have around 57 Special Purpose Funds to help develop in this way.

For more information about the fantastic scope of the Charity’s Special Purpose Funds, please contact our Grants and Special Funds Officer on 0208 725 4292.

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