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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to raise and use charitable funds to benefit patients, support healthcare staff and improve facilities within the St George's family.

Our vision is to enhance the patient experience.

Priority beneficiaries are:

  • Projects that enhance patient experience, welfare, therapy and rehabilitation
  • Major development projects agreed with the Trust
  • Medical equipment priorities of the Trust beyond those that can be funded by the NHS
  • Supporting research with impact

We encourage top quality healthcare services at St. George's and Queen Mary's Hospitals by raising awareness, generating increased funds, and making grants available for initiatives which support and supplement the work of the NHS Trust, making a real difference to patients and staff.

We award grants from Special Purpose (Restricted and Designated) Funds and from General Funds. Grants are typically divided into two types: capital grants - which are given to support a single project or purchase and are generally larger in size; and non-capital grants, including research projects - which are generally smaller in size and often repeated in subsequent years.


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